Bullet Train (2022)

Trained killer Ladybug wants to give up the life but is pulled back in by his handler Maria Beetle in order to collect a briefcase on a bullet train heading from Tokyo to Morioka. On board are fellow assasins Kimura, the Prince, Tangerine, and Lemon. Once on board the five assasins discover that their objectives are all connected.

Title Bullet Train (2022)
IMDb Rating Bullet Train (2022) 0.0 /10
Runtime 152 min
Release Date 05 August 2022
Genres Action | Thriller
Country United States | Japan
Language English
Director David Leitch
Writer Kôtarô Isaka, Zak Olkewicz
Casts Karen Fukuhara, Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock
Filming Tokyo, Japan
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