The Rider (2017)

Brady Blackburn, a rodeo bronc rider with some renown, learned everything he knows about horses and riding from his parents, Wayne and the now deceased Mari Blackburn. Brady is recovering from a fall off a bronking horse in a rodeo, the most serious of the injuries being a skull fracture which required a metal plate being inserted into his head. Including checking himself out of the hospital earlier than advised, Brady is determined to get back up onto the literal and proverbial horse as quickly as possible as being a cowboy is all he knows.

Title The Rider (2017)
IMDb Rating The Rider (2017) 7.5 /10
Runtime 104 min
Release Date 13 April 2018
Genres Drama
Country USA
Language English
Director Chloé Zhao
Writer Chloé Zhao
Casts Brady Jandreau, Tim Jandreau, Lilly Jandreau
Filming Badlands, South Dakota, USA
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